Mabanaft Deutschland is now both ENplus and DINplus certified

06.05.2011 - Hamburg:

When incorporating the trading division “wood pellets” and the brand celsico® into Mabanaft Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG at the beginning of this year, the company also acquired the DINplus certification for premium pellets. In mid April, Mabanaft Deutschland gained additional certification according to the European system ENplus (class A1).

With the new EN 14961-2 for wood pellets, a European directive has been adopted which replaces the previous standards and their partly differing measurement methods and criteria. It defines a common standard that applies throughout Europe. The introduction of the EU standard is influencing all relevant certification schemes in the market. DINplus, which is internationally renowned and the leading wood pellet certification system in Germany in recent years, has adjusted its requirements according to EN 14961-2 (class A1). The new European certification scheme is known as ENplus. It was launched on the basis of EN 14961-2 in the year 2010. After it had already been established in Germany and Austria, ENplus is now being implemented in other European countries.

Currently, both certification systems – ENplus and DINplus – are key labels of quality in the distribution of premium pellets. celsico®premium wood pellets are now available to biofuel customers as a certified A1 class product that is quality stamped with DINplus and/or ENplus. Pellets carrying the brand name celsico®premium do not just meet the quality criteria set by EN 14961-2 (class A1), they surpass important product parameters. This is confirmed by the results of external laboratory analyses, which are commissioned by Mabanaft Deutschland on a regular basis.

Mabanaft Deutschland belongs to Mabanaft, the international trading division of Marquard & Bahls, Hamburg. The company is the leading independent importer and wholesaler of petroleum products in Germany. Furthermore, the company is active in the trading of wood pellets. Mabanaft Deutschland supplies heating-oil retailers, service stations, energy retail partners and major customers.

For more information on Mabanaft, celsico® and Marquard & Bahls, please visit www.mabanaft.com, www.celsico.de and www.mbholding.de.

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