Mabanaft Deutschland starts trading of wood pellets

17.01.2011 - Hamburg:

In order to take better advantage of synergies between the subsidiaries of Marquard & Bahls AG, the trading of wood pellets - so far the core activity of GEE Energy GmbH & Co. KG -  will be transferred  to Mabanaft Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG at the beginning of 2011.

The addition of pellets and the trademark celsico® to its product portfolio will allow Mabanaft Deutschland to supply its customers with heating oil and pellets via the same channels. Thereby, enhanced tailor-made service can be granted to energy retail partners.

Mabanaft Deutschland has successfully developed and expanded its networks for the last decades and can capitalise on these structures to increase its bio-energy activities respectively its activities with steady growth in pellet trading.

Wood pellets are high-quality bio-fuels distributed to a major extent as a premium product under the international trademark celsico®. The products are manufactured by selected suppliers and meet the highest European quality norms and standards in the premium sector.

Mabanaft Deutschland belongs to Mabanaft, the international trading division of Marquard & Bahls, Hamburg. The company is the leading independent importer and wholesaler of petroleum products in Germany. Mabanaft Deutschland supplies heating-oil retailers, service stations, energy retail partners and major customers.

For more information on Mabanaft, celsico® and Marquard & Bahls, please visit www.mabanaft.comwww.celsico.com and www.mbholding.com.

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