International Trading

As announced in our press release of March 2012 Mabanaft aligned its trading strategy and concentrates on wholesaling, service stations, retailing and bunkering as well as the supply optimization of these activities. This meant exiting the international trading in Houston and Rotterdam.

The reasons for the withdrawal from international trading were mainly the significant changes in the market place and the associated incompatibility of this business with the company’s conservative approach to risk-taking.

Press release of March 12, 2012

Mabanaft Singapore
focuses on the regional physical trading business in future and acts as a center of expertise for the entire Marquard & Bahls Group in this region.

Singapore has become a central hub in the international petroleum trade. With our local team, we enhance Mabanaft’s presence at strategic locations globally.

Our risk managers and trade financers enhance their value to our customers through their familiarity with the unique characteristics of the Asian market. And our longtime expertise in the international petroleum-trading business assures our customers that they have found a professional and reliable partner in Mabanaft.

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Contacts of Mabanaft Singapore

Mabanaft Carbon B.V.
currently restructures its business. Please find the following new contact details:

Mabanaft Carbon B.V.
Crystal Tower
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1043 DP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Dr. Daniel Weisser
Tel.: +49 40 37004 800

B.V. Mabanaft/Rotterdam has been closed, but can currently still be contacted at: