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online ordering 

Save time with instant online ordering on Mabalive

Mabalive allows you to instantly order fuel online. Placing an order is quick and easy, saving time on phone calls, and you receive an email confirming order details including; location,  product, time, date and volume. Having an online audit trail also makes for more accurate and efficient administration.  

You can also manage your intraday contract online on Mabalive, including viewing your order history and volumes ordered, and tracking your monthly volume against forecasts.  Because Mabalive works seamlessly across desktops, laptops and smartphones, you can place an order even when you are away from your desk.

  • Instant online ordering - fewer phone calls saves time  
  • Online audit trail -  supports accurate administration
  • Order fuel to be delivered in - calculates haulage price 
  • Monitor and manage your intraday account  
  • Track volume ordered against volume committed




Screen GuideScreen GuideScreen Guide

Instant online ordering

  1. Prices regularly updated
  2. Select your product  
  3. Select volume required and payment terms 
  4. Order price is clearly displayed


Order details confirmed including

  1. Product  
  2. Volume   
  3. Price per litre  

Intraday order history; 

  1. View recent orders
  2. View order details such as terminal location, volume, date and status. 

What customers like about Mabalive

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MabaLIVE helps me with my choice on when is the correct time to buy fuel

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I find Mabalive really helpful as it gives me instant access to the accurate, detailed information which makes it easier and quicker for me to do my job.

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We can see and compare prices immediately and make a decision quickly.

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I think Mabalive is the best system I've seen. It’s great having visibility of my account details such as order balances, remaining orders and credit utilisation, and it really does save time.

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A quick and efficient way or ordering fuel against the live market. We can see what volumes we have left to lift and market trends.

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Key Facts

20 Mins

The time it takes our road loading rack at Oikos to load a truck