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 detailed reporting on Mabalive

 track deals from initial order through to final invoicing

Detailed reporting on Mabalive provides complete transparency throughout the deal lifecycle. 

Key information and headline reporting are presented in a dashboard, providing a clear and intuitive overview of your account.

You can also drill down to more detailed reports such as purchased orders and daily movements, a summary of remaining balances to lift, expiry dates of terminal releases, credit utilisation and more. 

There is also a comprehensive invoice history showing past and current invoices and key reports can be downloaded in either CSV or PDF format. 

Reporting includes;  

  • Recent orders
  • Daily movements 
  • Remaining balances to lift
  • Credit utilisation
  • Invoice history with due dates
  • Term deal lifting performance versus forecast
  • Terminal Releases and expiry dates
  • Contractual prices
  • Delivered-in volume confirmations and future delivery schedules

online reports

track deals with detailed detailed reporting from lifting at the terminal through to final invoicing

Screen GuideScreen GuideScreen GuideScreen Guide

The dashboard shows  

  1. Recent orders - shows date, product, volumes ordered and lifted
  2. Credit utilisation - shows used and remaining credit 
  3. Moved product - shown by week, month or year
  4. Invoices - provides a comprehensive invoice history
  5. Releases - shows expiry date and remaining volume

View orders 

  1. View reports by day, month or year 
  2. Filter results 
  3. View order date, location, volume, product and more
  4. Reports can be downloaded in csv or pdf format

Order balance reporting  

  1. View reports by day, month or year 
  2. Filter results 
  3. View deal number, price type, product and volume lifted  
  4. Reports can be downloaded in csv or pdf format

Invoice reporting 

  1. View invoices by day, month or year 
  2. Filter results 
  3. View invoice number and deal information  
  4. Reports can be downloaded in csv or pdf format

Being able to see the live price on MabaLIVE makes purchasing much easier

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We can see and compare prices immediately and make a decision quickly.

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Mabalive is a market leading system. It is simple to use and saves so much time. It gets a big ‘Thumbs Up’ from us.

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MabaLIVE gives up-to-the minute information on market trends and your ability to supply

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What I most like about Mabalive is the ease of use, and the fact you have prices in front of you at all times

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