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Innovation makes buying fuel so much easier

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Mabanaft is leading the way for online fuel purchasing with their latest mobile-enabled version of MabaLIVE. The system has recently been redesigned to work seamlessly across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones allowing customers to view live pricing and place an order even when they are away from their office.   

First launched at FPS EXPO in 2011, the purpose of MabaLIVE was to help make the process of buying fuel as quick, easy and convenient as possible. Four years on and it can safely be said that it has achieved its purpose; in fact it has been an outstanding success transforming the way that Mabanaft’s customers choose to buy their fuel. Having access to live pricing and up-to-the-minute market information allows them to make an informed purchasing decision and place their order instantly online. Buying fuel this way requires fewer phone calls and emails thereby saving valuable time, whilst the automated audit trail ties orders to invoices ensuring accurate, efficient deal administration – so what’s not to like!

A reputation for innovation

Keen to maintain their reputation as innovators (they were the first UK fuel wholesaler to develop an online platform) Mabanaft continues to invest in MabaLIVE. The system has been regularly extended, incorporating new functionality and features to enhance the user experience and make it even more useful. With an eye on the increasing trend towards mobile usage for accessing the web, Mabanaft decided to develop the system to be fully responsive. MabaLIVE for mobile first went live in September 2014 with a fresh new-look interface specifically designed to make it easy to use even on a smartphone. The most recent development on MabaLIVE is the provision of bespoke customer pricing. Now, as well as live market prices, customers can receive a bespoke feed showing agreed prices for different products.

A reputation for innovation

Each month sees an increase in online ordering which now accounts for 16% of Mabanaft Limited’s total sales volume. The quarterly daily spot and intra-day sales transacted online have recently risen from 53% (Q3 - 2014) to 69% (Q4 - 2014) - further proof that MabaLIVE really is changing the way that customers are choosing to buy fuel.

Marketing Manager Martin Cook said; “Customers wanted to be able to use MabaLIVE on their mobile devices and developing the system provided an opportunity to overhaul the whole website and we are delighted with the outcome. Individual pricing was also high on our customers’ wish-list so we know that this feature will be well received.”

Full marks for customer service

Despite the growing trend towards transactions being carried out online the personal and highly efficient customer support provided by Mabanaft’s dedicated sales team is still highly valued. Their experienced marketers have a thorough understanding of the wholesale market and can help customers make better buying decisions. In Mabanaft’s latest survey 100% of respondents rated the speed, efficiency and friendliness of their service as very good or excellent. 

“MabaLIVE simply adds a further dimension to Mabanaft’s already transparent and personal service by empowering customers to make an informed decision and order fuel online,” said Martin. “It embodies the way that we like to work, our innovative approach and willingness to go the extra mile. Precision of pricing plus the option to execute orders on a live basis means our customers can optimise market movements - and that can be highly beneficial for their business”.

For more information on Mabanaft please call our marketing team on 0207 802 3300, email To find out more about MabaLIVE visit 

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