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Customer feedback helps Mabanaft maintain and improve standards across the board

Mabanaft is one of the country’s largest independent fuel importers and wholesalers. With a network of independently operated fuel terminals located throughout the country, Mabanaft is uniquely positioned to supply fuel to the UK market. 

When it comes to meeting the needs of their customers, Mabanaft takes the time each year to find out what’s important through their annual survey. This provides invaluable feedback, so Mabanaft can ensure their customers get the products and services that are most important to them. This year Mabanaft achieved their highest completion rate yet.

Headline results

During this year’s survey customers confirmed what Mabanaft had expected, identifying accuracy of invoicing (93.9%), price (93.9%), customer service (91.9%) and reliable continuity of supply (87.6%) as the things that are most important to them when choosing a fuel supplier.

When customers rated Mabanaft’s services in order of quality, they identified Mabanaft as excellent or very good for accuracy of invoicing (100%), customer service (98%) and reliable continuity of supply (93.9%). 95.9% of customers that responded to the survey said Mabanaft offer excellent, good or average pricing; showing Mabanaft are well aligned to provide what’s most important to their customers.

One survey respondent said:

Supply over the last 12 months has been very good and I can’t remember any supply disruptions we’ve had with Mabanaft. They offer a variety of pricing mechanisms which is key for our business and improves the service they provide.”

Mabanaft customers also rated them as good or excellent compared to competitors for accuracy of invoicing (100%), advice and expertise (96%) and customer service (98%), scoring them highly for their product and market knowledge and their friendly and helpful staff.

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What customers have asked for

Of course, while it’s good to know where they excel, Mabanaft knows there are always areas they can improve.

Several customers identified that a broader range of terminal locations as a way Mabanaft could improve their offering.

However, many of the suggestions for improving Mabanaft’s service centred around extra functionality customers would like to see on Mabanaft’s online fuel ordering and pricing service, Mabalive. 

71% of survey respondents use Mabalive and cited benefits such as having sight of live pricing, the platform being quick and easy to use and having accurate and auditable information readily available.

Extra features customers would like to see included push notifications for market alerts and the option to submit a bid price or a ‘Make me an offer’ function so customers can negotiate online. Some of the functionality that’s been asked for is already being implemented and will be released in Mabanaft’s next Mabalive update; like offering more flexible payment options and faster updates on pricing.

A big thank you

Mabanaft National Accounts Manager, James Alden, says of this year’s survey results:

“It’s important to us that customers have the opportunity to critique how we’re performing and we’re grateful for the honest feedback we’ve had. The results of this year’s survey are more constructive and consistent than ever.

“We are constantly aiming to improve our overall offering and we’re able to use what our customers tell us to do this. Mabalive is a key part of our business and this year’s feedback will directly influence improvements to the new version which is due later this year.”

“While we’re interested to know what we can improve on, it’s always good to hear from happy customers. One of the survey replies said our service is exemplary and we should be the benchmark other suppliers aspire to! Another one said that I’m very helpful, which is always nice to hear. We’ll carry on working over the next year to hopefully make more of our customers feel the same way.”

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