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Meeting our biofuels obligations

2020 sees the RTFO (Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation) target increase to 10.803%, including further increases in both the development fuel and the greenhouse gas saving targets.

The RTFO is one of the UK Government's main policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the road transport sector by encouraging the supply of renewable fuels. These directives are designed to move us towards decarbonisation, though it is undeniable that petrol and diesel will continue to play a vital role in fuelling our lives. Until affordable alternatives become more widely available, blending biofuels is the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions.


Mabanaft has always taken a realistic approach to reducing carbon emissions. We continue to meet our obligations under this directive, either through blending biofuels or purchasing tickets. We work closely with the Downstream Fuel Association and others to lobby government and influence legislation. Our preference is for a government mandate for change, as it creates a level playing field while ensuring that the industry moves towards achieving a positive reduction in carbon emissions.

Our bio blends are fully tested to ensure they meet or exceed British Industry Standards and quality is guaranteed at point of lifting. As RTFO obligations increase, costs may go up, though we will always work to minimise any increase in whatever way possible and continue to deliver excellent value to our customers.


In line with the further increases in the Developmental Fuel Obligation going forward, 2020 will also see Mabanaft further exploring ways to source and supply other advanced fuels. Our long-term objective is to make our activities as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. We can only be successful in the long term if we meet the needs of our customers today without compromising the environment and quality of life of future generations.

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