Ammonia (green ammonia)

Ammonia & green ammonia (NH3)

Ammonia is an attractive chemical for the transport and power generation sectors

In the short and medium term, even more important as a contribution to the energy transition than hydrogen (H2) could become the chemical ammonia (NH3), which is just as suitable as an energy carrier and fuel as H2. Especially in shipping as a fuel and in industry as a fuel for power plants, green ammonia can make a valuable contribution to reducing emissions. So far, about 80% of the global production of ammonia is used as a basic chemical for fertilisers and only 20% for other applications. However, due to its important role in achieving climate targets, it is becoming apparent that a significant shift in application areas and markets is to be expected. As a low-cost liquid energy carrier for storage, ammonia is also particularly attractive for the transport and power generation sectors because it is easy to ship worldwide and can be used as a marine fuel. Not least because ammonia has a higher energy density than hydrogen.

In addition, ammonia can serve as a clean hydrogen supplier because it can be split back into hydrogen (H2) at its destination. An alternative is to use ammonia directly for power generation or as a central energy storage for the hydrogen grid, in order to be able to fall back on a buffer storage in times of low wind or in winter. From such a storage, the ammonia can either be cracked into hydrogen or used directly as fuel.

Green ammonia

The importance of green ammonia is growing considerably. In the past, ammonia plants were operated using natural gas (and also coal). Green ammonia plant concepts envisage the production of ammonia from the raw materials air and water, i.e. the chemical is produced decentrally from renewable energies.

Mabanaft positions itself as an independent partner in the supply chain of the energy sector and industry for the chemical ammonia. Therefore, Mabanaft has become ammonia offtaker and operating partner in Gulf Coast Ammonia LLC (GCA), and has joined the CAMPFIRE alliance, for example.

Gulf Coast Ammonia LLC (GCA)
CAMPFIRE alliance

Status: March 2022
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