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Simon Weiss takes over as Head of Aviation

Simon Weiss has recently taken over as Head of Aviation at Mabanaft. From his base in Hamburg, Simon works with his team to ensure the delivery of a safe and reliable supply of aviation fuel to customers in the UK and Europe.

Simon joined Mabanaft to help develop the company's strategy for supplying SAF and expand new business opportunities in Scandinavia and the Baltics. At that point covid lockdowns and restrictions were taking a huge toll on travel so Simon is pleased to now see things improving as the industry moves towards a new normal.  

The value of travel

“I think the pandemic actually demonstrated the importance of international travel,” said Simon. “We can’t just stop flying, but we do need to find more sustainable ways of doing it.  I’ve worked in aviation since graduating and have always been keen to bring new, more sustainable products to the market."

Supplying SAF

“A key reason for me deciding to work for Mabanaft was their willingness to invest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). In my previous role as a buyer I would look at purchasing SAF but the economics were prohibitive. Now, my team at Mabanaft is changing this by finding new ways of bringing SAF to the market. In 2021 we supplied 600MT into OSL under the Norwegian SAF Mandate which is quite an achievement!"

Looking ahead

“The industry is still in recovery; over the past few years we have seen demand drop-out then suddenly spike when restrictions are lifted. This summer, with borders open and people vaccinated, we seem to be seeing a return to pre-covid levels for tourist flights, but it will be interesting to see whether volumes stabilise after the summer."

"The fact is, our industry is undergoing massive change, but change can be a positive force for good. So, I am looking forward to working with the management team at Mabanaft to seek out new opportunities and help support the transition to new, more sustainable fuels.”

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