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View from an intern

What drew you to this placement?

When I first heard about the role I didn't know too much about the oil industry, but because it involves trading a physical commodity it reflects the fundamentals of economics, and that really interested me. 

Changing perceptions about the industry 

To be honest the word oil has quite negative connotations for my generation. So when I told people I was working for an oil company they were a bit surprised. But I have been learning about how the industry is undergoing a massive transformation, which has been further accelerated by COVID. So, as things transition away from fossil fuels towards renewables and other advanced fuels, people are talking about ‘energy’ as opposed to ‘oil’. And, in fact, this is an incredibly dynamic, interesting and exciting sector to be working in.

Have you enjoyed working for Mabanaft?

It’s been great! Mabanaft has given me exposure that other corporations probably could not have offered. I’ve been working as a risk analyst and I was really welcomed into the team and involved at all levels.

If you are willing to learn, this company gives you the opportunities to develop and grow. My co-workers have always been there to support and guide me and whenever I had a question, I got answers. They are all so knowledgeable and I've learned so much from them all.

What have you most enjoyed?

My favourite part has been having access to people who wanted to teach me, being given the opportunity to learn. And more recently, since I have started coming into the office, the chance to meet people in person as we slowly come out of lockdown.

What has surprised you most?

One of the things that really surprised me was the incredibly volatile nature of the market. When I joined prices were on the increase. Then things started to change and as demand dropped, prices plummeted – it was quite unnerving! Prices have risen again now – but it has been very interesting to follow the markets as they fluctuate.

I also think it was amazing how we have managed to survive, and thrive even, with everyone working from home. Who would have thought that could work! I’ve actually only met some of my team in person, but I've still been able to learn how to do my job via a screen. It’s a bit bizarre, but it has worked!

Would you recommend Mabanaft to others looking to intern?

Absolutely, yes! I already have already recommended Mabanaft to others. I honestly don’t think you would get this type of exposure or learning opportunity in a bigger firm. I have been treated like a colleague and my role was viewed as being as important as that of others in my team.  

Has it impacted what you think you might want to do in the future?

Oh yes, I've got the bug for Commodities! When you are studying economics you are learning the theory around supply and demand. This industry is exactly that - it's the application of the economic theory to real-life scenarios and this is exactly the area that I want to work in.

To find out more about intern opportunities at Mabanaft please email your CV to Rosanna Rahman

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