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In praise of internships at Mabanaft

With first-hand experience of the benefits internships can deliver Mabanaft expanded its intern programme for 2021/2022, taking on three economics undergraduates to work in its London office. As they complete their internship the latest cohort (Will, Felix and Michael) were enthusiastic about their experience and brimming with praise for the people they have been working alongside at Mabanaft. Here’s what they said;

Why Mabanaft?  

Will and Felix had wanted to gain experience of working in the energy industry, an area that they felt was "often talked about in economics, but not in any great detail." Michael and Felix also wanted experience in commodity trading and have enjoyed "getting exposure to the markets and learning how macro-economies and world events impact fuel prices.”

All three felt there had been genuine benefits to working for Mabanaft. Will said; “Being in a smaller company, you learn about all the different areas that the business covers.” Michael agreed saying; “You get a lot more exposure, and more responsibility than you would in a larger organisation”. “It has given me insight into different roles and opportunities to consider,” added Felix, “and at the end of the day, the placement is a learning experience to help get some idea of what I want to do in the future!”

Did it live up to their expectations?  

About his experience of working at Mabanaft Felix said; “The job description was bang-on and I have done everything that was listed on the description and more! It has absolutely lived up to my expectations, everyone has been really good at offering support and there was always someone available when I needed help.” Will agreed, “Yes, my manager was very helpful and patient, and that goes for everyone that I have worked with at Mabanaft.”  “I worked with a very strong team and they were always responsive and supportive,“ added Michael, “even though they were extremely busy they always took the time to help me.”

An industry in transition  

How was it working in an industry that’s is transitioning to new, low carbon fuels? “Mabanaft is expanding in many different directions, I've found out about new fuels that I'd never even heard of before. So, if anything, joining a company working with fossil fuels has actually taught me loads about renewable fuels such as ammonia and blue green hydrogen which has been really interesting,” said Felix. “It is accepted that the industry has to change to reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions,“ added Will, “people at Mabanaft talk about this a lot and there is a genuine push towards introducing new, greener fuels.” “The future of the industry is sustainable fuels,” said Michael, “and Mabanaft is exploring ways of adapting and developing future fuels while remaining competitive."

What they will take away

I have really enjoyed my year at Mabanaft,” commented Felix, “and I’ve learned things that no university or college course could ever teach you.  I’ve enjoyed having good exposure to market trading and the experience of working as part of a team – both valuable skills.” “As a people person and I’ve enjoyed interacting with customers.” said Will. “I'd say that I'm now far more likely to pursue a career in the energy industry.” “This experience has completely changed my long term view of what I want to do," commented Michael. "I will now be thinking about a career in physical commodities markets - which is an unexpected outcome. I hadn’t necessarily wanted to work in the fuel industry, but now I am loving it!”

What Mabanaft says

Inland Sales Manager, Clare Charlton, who is involved in the internship programmes at Mabanaft, said: “I’m proud of Mabanaft’s internship programme and we are delighted with the performance of this year’s interns. Their motivation and drive to learn has been second to none, they were always willing to take on tasks and quick at picking things up – all in all they’ve been invaluable to the business. As a company we’ve benefited from improved productivity, new input and potentially the opportunity to acquire future new talent. It’s rewarding to give individuals an opportunity to experience working in our industry and help them clarify future career decisions. We’re now recruiting for our 2022/2023 programme, further demonstrating just what a success this has been.”


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