Energy Transition

Corporate responsibility & sustainability

At Mabanaft we take responsibility for our actions. Sustainability for us means we conduct our business in an economically, but above all ecologically and socially responsible manner.

Carbon Offset

Leaving a healthier world for the next generation

Whilst fuelling our tomorrow, it's important to conduct business in a way that is environmentally friendly. At Mabanaft, we offer a quick and easy way to offset your fuel purchase by balancing your own carbon footprint and investing in verified carbon offset projects.

From investing in clean energy technologies to promoting the direct absorption of CO2 with tree planting and forest conservation, our actions can have a profound impact in the fight against climate change.

Building for the future

Understanding Carbon Offset Projects

With a target to achieve 'net zero' carbon emissions by 2050, it's in the interest of individuals and companies alike to help balance the volume of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) released and the amount removed from the atmosphere to create a net zero equilibrium - that's where carbon offset projects come in.

Rapid action is required to halve global emissions in the next decade, and in turn reach net zero by 2050. In response, offsetting helps to compensate for your emissions by funding equivalent CO2 saving elsewhere and balancing your own carbon footprint.

At Mabanaft, we make this process easy. If you are already signed up to our Mabalive Portal, simply tick the Carbon Offset box when placing your fuel order and we'll ensure an investment is made to protect and fund numerous verified carbon offset projects.

These are global projects that cover a range of renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources. They include:

  • Hydro Electric
  • Wind Power
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Farms
  • Tree Planting
  • Forest Conservation

With benefits that go beyond GHG reductions, carbon offset projects have the added potential to improve community employment opportunities, contribute to habitat conservation and improve air quality depending on the project type.

Carbon Offset
Investing Projects

Stronger Together

Mabanaft participates and invests in sustainable companies and projects across Europe to help raise awareness of the environmental impact caused by energy extraction. These collaborations cover multiple industries and energy types.

  • Tree-Nation
  • The Eden Project
  • Aquaventus
  • P2XEurope
  • Efuel Alliance

Since supporting Tree-Nation, Mabanaft has planted 23,476 new plantings and reforested almost ten hectares of forest.

We have been supporting Eden Projects throughout Madagascar since 2007. These particular projects have seen over 16 million mangrove trees successfully planted in remote areas.


Choosing to Carbon Offset Couldn't be simpler!

Mabanaft's own unique online service, which makes the process of buying fuel quick and easy. You can choose the option to decarbonise any order with a simple click of a button, causing no disruption to your usual operations Mabalive works seamlessly across desktops, laptops and smartphones so that you can place and track an order no matter where you are. We provide complete transparency throughout the deal lifecycle by offering you in depth reports of your activity along the way.

On Mabalive, you can view live ex-rack pricing for all of Mabanaft's terminal and bunker networks. This allows you to take advantage of intraday price fluctuations.

Mabalive offers a comprehensive daily market commentary and price trending graphs to help keep you informed about your purchasing decisions.

Ordering fuel is easy to do on Mabalive, saving you time on phone calls and emails. You will receive email confirmation that details the location, product, time, date and volume of your order to make for more accurate and efficient administration. We also provide you with access to your trading account and your credit utilisation to help manage your finances better.

Fuel ordering and deal administration
has never been easier!

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Carbon offset projects

are a great way to protect our environment and give back what we take.