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12 June 2024

Men’s Health Week

Mabanafts’ global team is championing men's health this week. We understand the importance of addressing all men's health issues, and this week, we are focusing on breaking down the stigma that men often face when discussing their mental well-being. That's why we're taking proactive steps to promote mental health awareness within our workplace and beyond.

28 May 2024

Mabanaft Supporting Global Diversity

Celebrating Diversity at Mabanaft!

At Mabanaft, we proudly support global diversity for dialogue and development celebrations. This underscores the richness of the world’s cultures and highlights the critical role of intercultural dialogue in achieving peace and sustainable development.

7 May 2024

Mental Health Initiatives

Mabanaft places great importance on prioritising the mental health of our employees; we believe that taking care of our people is crucial to their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

15 April 2024

Successful UKIFDA Event

As a global energy distributor, Mabanaft is committed to keeping up with industry trends, technologies, and best practices. That's why the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) Expo is an essential date in our UK marketing calendar.

5 April 2024

Mabanaft welcomes - Caroline Watkins as Managing Director

Mabanaft’s operating business in the UK has appointed a new managing director and head of UK, Caroline Watkins.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the Mabanaft group is a leading independent and integrated energy company, providing its customers with innovative energy solutions for their transportation, heating, industrial and agricultural needs.

13 March 2024

Mabanaft Celebrates 6 Decades

We proudly announce that Mabanaft UK is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. It has been 60 years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing excellent customer service. We are excited to celebrate this milestone and reflect on our progress over the years.

8 March 2024

International Women’s Day

Today, we proudly recognise and honour the invaluable contributions of women everywhere, including those within our own Mabanaft family. On this special occasion, we extend our deepest appreciation to all the inspiring women who continue to drive progress, innovation, and success within our organisation across the globe.

19 February 2024


At Mabanaft, we take pride in our customer-centric approach, an ethos that has been at the core of our business since its inception. Our commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each customer has set us apart in the industry. We believe in being big enough to depend upon while remaining small enough to care, and it's this balance that defines our service excellence.

22 December 2023

Seasons Greetings

Wishing all of our colleagues, customers and suppliers, Seasons Greetings.

12 December 2023

Excited to welcome our new group of graduates!

Mabanaft UK is proud to welcome its latest cohort of graduates. The company is committed to nurturing young talent and providing them with a platform to explore their potential. The new graduates will be joining various departments across the organisation, including risk, trading, supply, and operations.

20 November 2023

The London Mabanaft team welcomes André Cardoso as Senior VP of Sales & Marketing
for the Mabanaft Group.

The London Mabanaft team are pleased to welcome André Cardoso to the Mabanaft Group as our new Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

31 October 2023

Inclusion and Diversity

Our UK Managing Director, Jay Nair, talks to Margaret Major of Fuel Oil news with his thoughts on the transition in the energy sector, as well as inclusion and diversity and the way the Mabanaft brand resonates with the changing fuel industry.

Empathy, help, mental help awareness

10 October 2023

World Mental Health Day

Mabanaft Stands in Solidarity with World Mental Health Day and OCD Awareness Week.

Today, as we mark World Mental Health Day, we join the global community in recognising the significance of this day for mental health education, awareness, and the ongoing battle against social stigma. First initiated in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health, this annual event serves as a reminder of the importance of mental well-being.

29 September 2023

World Heart Day

We believe that a healthy heart is vital for a productive and fulfilling life and we urge all our colleagues…

28 September 2023

Transition Talk!

Our Group CEO, Jon Perkins talks to Margaret Major of Fuel Oil News on transition within the energy sector. Discussing our focus for the next few years and the role we can play in the shift to future fuels to decarbonise the transport, heat and commercial sectors.

5 September 2023

Supporting those in need is a natural concern for us

Supporting those in need is a natural concern for us. That’s why everyone at #ONEMabanaft is happy to actively help charities around the globe, for many years now. Among the most recent initiatives a global walking challenge, fun runs, cycling challenges and Christmas donations. And with joint forces, we can achieve even more. So, let’s promote and encourage charity and philanthropy across the globe on International Day of Charity.

31 August 2023

Mabanaft welcomes a familiar face, undergrad intern to analyst

This month, our London team welcomes the return of Michael Keen as a full-time analyst to the supply team. Michael previously spent 14 months at Mabanaft UK as an undergraduate intern in the product control team, before completing his Economics degree at the University of Bath.

30 August 2023

Elisha Kaphle internship exit. Mabanaft bids farewell to an exceptional undergraduate intern

As the London office prepares to say farewell to Elisha, a talented graduate who has been a delightful part of our team, we reflect on the time she has spent with us and her contributions during her internship.

7 August 2023

Lok Ngai internship exit. A fond farewell to another Mabanaft undergraduate intern

This week Mabanaft is saying goodbye to another one of their wonderful interns. 

Lok’s time at Mabanaft has been a transformative experience, equipping her with a combination of specialised knowledge and invaluable skills, setting her on a path of continued growth and success in her academic and professional journey.

21 July 2023

Mabanaft reducing the emissions of
The Lechner Racing Team!

Mabanaft Group were delighted to supply the renewable diesel (HVO) to Junction 29 Onroute truckstops for the Lechner Racing Team as they refuelled on their journey home following an eventful race day at Silverstone last week. Mabanaft Group and The Lechner Racing Team have entered into a long-term partnership to reduce carbon emissions. Over the next three years covering the Porsche Supercup seasons from 2023 to 2025, Mabanaft Group will enable Lechner Racing to reduce the CO2 emissions from their road transport vehicles to net zero.

20 July 2023

Mabanaft says goodbye to an exceptional undergraduate intern who made a lasting impression

It’s that time of year when we are saying goodbye to this year’s cohort of graduates, this week we are saying farewell to  Benjamin. Ben has been a valuable asset to our team, leaving behind a trail of remarkable contributions and memorable experiences. As he ventures towards new horizons and his final year at university, we reflect on his lasting impact on our organisation and the projects he took part in.

2 July 2023

Thank You day

At Mabanaft, we go beyond dates on the calendar and embrace a daily mindset of gratitude. We consistently value and recognise globally the remarkable contributions of all of our colleagues, partners, and customers. Today and every day, let's celebrate by acknowledging and appreciating the achievements, collaborative efforts, and unwavering support that make our work environment genuinely exceptional.

14 June 2023

Mabanaft bids farewell to exceptional undergraduate intern

Mabanaft is saying goodbye this week, to one of their exceptional graduate interns, Ollie. The departure of this budding professional symbolises the remarkable growth and development opportunities offered at Mabanaft.

12 June 2023  |  HR

Men’s Health Week

At Mabanaft, we take a comprehensive approach to our colleagues' well-being. This week, we focus on Men's Health as we support International Men's Week. Jay Nair, MD of Mabanaft UK, comments: “We are proud to prioritise the health and well-being of our team. Men’s health is a term that encompasses a range of topics that are of particular concern to men or that affect them differently than women.”

16 May 2023  |  HR

Mental Health Awareness Week

It's Mental Health awareness week in the UK, and this year's focus is on anxiety. It's normal to feel anxious at some point in our lives, but it can be a challenging experience. What's important is that people receive non-judgemental support and guidance.

15 May 2023  |  UKIFDA EXPO

UKIFDA success

Yesterday was such a great day at UKIFDA in Coventry! It was a pleasure to reunite with colleagues, suppliers, and customers during the event. The dinner in the evening was a great success!

16 April 2023  |  Charity

Clare crosses the line!

We are thrilled to congratulate Clare Charlton on her impressive accomplishment of finishing the London Marathon.

21 February 2023  |  Recruitment

Nina Kjellman joins the London team

We are welcoming Nina Kjellman to our London team.

21 January 2023  |  Recruitment

David Walcott & Andriy Kuthma join the UK team

Welcoming David Walcott and Andriy Kuthma to the Mabanaft UK team, we are delighted to be growing our London team and wish them every success in their new roles.

22 December 2022  |  Charity

Charitable Christmas

Over the Christmas period, we ran various Mabanaft Global Corporate Charitable Initiatives to provide much needed support to vulnerable people and their communities. Together we donated as a Group, over 14,685 EUR for three project partners.

1 November 2022  |  Recruitment

Welcoming Toby Triggs to the UK team

Toby is our latest graduate recruit, joining the London office in Supply and Operations. Having graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Chemical Engineering, he will be working closely with the team gaining an in-depth knowledge on product specifications and all aspects relating to international trade and UK imports.

1 October 2022  |  Recruitment

Asger Larsen joins the UK team

Asger Larsen joins our UK team as Logistics Manager UK & Scandi. Asger has a wealth of experience in the industry having spent 15 years at Harvest Energy and Prax Petroleum and more recently setting up Axis Logistics, the Company owned logistics division of Harvest/Prax.

20 September 2022  |  Truckstops

Mabanaft expands truckstop portfolio through acquisition of Swindon Truckstop

Mabanaft has announced the acquisition of Swindon Truckstop. The deal completed on 16th September and marks the next step in the company’s commitment to developing a network of truckstops across the UK and Europe.

3 August 2022  |  Mabalive, Online Deal Administration

Mabalive, the Real Deal for online deal admin

Administration associated with commercial fuel purchasing can be complex and time consuming. Mabalive has been specifically developed to help make deal administration easier, more accurate and more efficient.

7 July 2022  |  Aviation, Careers

Simon Weiss takes over as Head of Aviation

Simon Weiss has recently taken over as Head of Aviation at Mabanaft. From his base in Hamburg, he is working with his team to ensure the delivery of a safe and reliable supply of aviation fuel to customers in the UK and Europe.

1 July 2022  |  Truckstops

Celebrating launch of newly surfaced J.29 truckstop

Members of the Mabanaft team recently attended the launch of the newly surfaced forecourt and lorry park at Onroute's Junction 29 truckstop near Chesterfield.

14 June 2022  |  Internship at Mabanaft

In praise of internships at Mabanaft

As they complete their year, Mabanaft's latest interns are enthusiastic about their experience and brimming with praise for the people they have been working alongside at Mabanaft. 

6 May 2022  |  UKIFDA EXPO

Back for the Future - UKIFDA EXPO 2022

The 2022 UKIFDA EXPO has been hailed a success, bringing people working in the liquid fuel industry back together for the first time in three years!

15 March 2022  |  UKIFDA EXPO

Mabanaft exhibiting at UKIFDA EXPO 2022

Mabanaft is looking forward to exhibiting at the 2022 UKIFDA EXPO in Liverpool this April, and meeting up in person with customers, suppliers and industry businesses at the event.

3 February 2022  |  Recruitment

Welcoming Rena Tegala to Mabanaft’s inland Sales team

Mabanaft is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Rena Tegala to its inland sales team. Rena has joined as a national accounts manager to help cover maternity leave, support the team and develop new sales opportunities.

17 January 2022  |  HR

Jo Swift sets up mental health support team at Mabanaft

Mental health in the workplace is becoming increasingly important. Jo Swift explains what the team at Mabanaft has been doing to encourage good mental health.

13 December 2021  |  Charity

Donating to help end homelessness

Instead of sending Christmas cards in the post we have again chosen to make a donation to The Passage - one of the UK’s largest centres for homeless and insecurely housed people.

8 November 2021  |  Customer Survey

Mabanaft’s standards remain high throughout challenging times

Each year we carry out a survey to help ensure that standards remain high - here are the highlights of the 2021 survey.

13 September 2021  |  Truckstops

Launching our new Onroute Truckstops brand

Mabanaft's new Onroute Truckstops brand is in the process of being being rolled out, starting with our Chesterfield site, Junction 29.

20 July 2021  |  Promotions

Clare Charlton takes on the role of Inland Sales Manager

Clare Charlton has recently been promoted to Inland Sales Manager at Mabanaft and is enjoying the challenge and responsibility of her new role.

5 July 2021  |  Aviation, Gardemoen Airport

Mabanaft to supply new Norwegian airline Flyr as it takes to the skies

Mabanaft Energy Scandinavia AS is delighted to have secured the contract to supply Flyr, a new airline which launched at Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) in June 2021.

25 June 2021  |  Internship at Mabanaft

View from an intern

Imagine doing an internship during lockdown! Benjamin Flavell, an economics student from Bath University, joined Mabanaft as an intern just before the UK locked down, despite this, he is extremely enthusiastic about his experience.

12 April 2021  |  Aviation, Gardemoen Airport

Mabanaft to supply Qatar Airways and Wizz Air

Mabanaft secures contracts to supply Qatar Airways and Wizz Air at Gardemoen Airport, Norway.

25 March 2021  |  Truckstops

Mabanaft grows truckstop portfolio with acquisition of Ulceby

Ulceby Truckstop is the latest addition to Mabanaft’s growing portfolio of UK truckstops. Another top-tier site, Ulceby, was selected for its strategic location just outside Immingham docks.

18 March 2021  |  Charity, Lockdown

62 Miles in March – fundraising for GOSH

Mabanaft staff are taking part in the '62 Miles in March' challenge to help raise much needed funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

23 February 2021  |  Intraday Contracts, Mabalive

Intraday contracts now available on new Mabalive portal

The most recent Mabalive upgrade was rolled out in October 2020. We are now delighted to be transitioning our last few intraday customers onto the new portal by end of play Monday 1st March.

1 February 2021  |  Aviation, Rail loading Facility, SAF

New rail supply infrastructure in Oslo on track to meet 2021 deadline

Mabanaft’s new rail supply infrastructure for delivering aviation fuel to Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) on schedule to be completed by the end of Q1, 2021.

22 January 2021  |  Aviation, SAF

Mabanaft Is Positive about Its Future in Jet Fuel

Mabanaft remains positive about the future development of jet fuel supply, despite the ongoing negative impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry.

20 January 2021  |  Aviation, Recruitment

Mabanaft appoints Simon Mueller to help develop aviation business

Mabanaft recently appointed Simon Mueller to work on business development, strategy and planning for its aviation business. 

11 January 2021  |  BREXIT, Lockdown, RTFO, Security of Supply

January update - lockdown, brexit and RTFO

Open for business and committed to delivering the highest levels of support, security of supply and certainty over pricing.

16 December 2020  |  Charity

Donating to The Passage to help end homelessness

Instead of sending Christmas cards in the post, our team has again chosen to make a donation to The Passage - the UK’s largest centre for homeless and insecurely housed people.

9 December 2020  |  SAF, Sustainability, Aviation

Mabanaft celebrates delivery of first SAF cargo to Oslo

2020 marks Mabanaft’s initial steps into supplying Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), with its first SAF cargo arriving in Oslo on the 8th of December.

5 November 2020  |  Customer Survey

Keeping standards high through challenging circumstances

2020’s customer survey results show how we’ve weathered the Covid-19 storm to date and how we can improve even further for next year.

1 May 2020  |  Truckstops

Supporting Britain's truck drivers during COVID-19

While many organisations were forced to stop trading, Mabanaft has remained open for business throughout, and this includes our truck stops - essential fuelling stations for drivers distributing much needed goods around the country.

10 March 2020  |  London Office, Office Move, Commercial

Mabanaft to move to Myo

Mabanaft is moving – to a contemporary new office space Myo, at the heart of Victoria.

3 February 2020  |  Truckstops

Mabanaft acquires Avon Lodge truck stop

Mabanaft is pleased to announce the acquisition of a second truck stop, Avon Lodge. The deal was completed on 31st January and confirms the company's ongoing commitment to developing a network of truck stops across the country.

30 January 2020  |  Charity

Donating to help end homelessness in Victoria

This year, in lieu of sending out Christmas cards in the post, the Mabanaft team was delighted to make a donation to The Passage – London’s largest voluntary sector resource centre for homeless and vulnerable people.