31 August 2023

Mabanaft welcomes a familiar face, undergrad intern to analyst

This month, our London team welcomes the return of Michael Keen as a full-time analyst to the supply team. Michael previously spent 14 months at Mabanaft UK as an undergraduate intern in the product control team, before completing his Economics degree at the University of Bath.

Mabanafts’ interns play a crucial role in the business, as the industry continues to grow and evolve, it is important to have fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Interns bring a new energy and enthusiasm to the workplace and can help companies stay on the cutting edge of technology and industry advancements. They also provide valuable support to existing teams, allowing them to take on more projects and tackle new challenges.
Paul Emery, Head of Supply Trading at Mabanaft UK, says, “We are committed to our internship programme, internships provide a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and build their professional network. They often bring new skills and ideas to the table and can help companies identify areas for growth and improvement, I am pleased to see Michael back with us and know he will succeed in his new full-time role.”
Michael states, “I’m looking forward to the constant new learning opportunities from the UK team. Everyone at Mabanaft is friendly and helpful. I look forward to coming into the office each day, knowing that I will be learning something new, and feeling like I am continuing to develop my understanding of the industry in which I work.”